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Modelling Empathy

There were two examples I saw this week where Jewish women raised their voices in empathy with the suffering of the Palestinian residents of Gaza. In both cases, they were met by condemnation on the part of many in the wider Jewish community. Rabbi Sharon Brous was attacked by Rabbi Daniel Gordis, in a piece … Continue reading

Gaza Temper Tantrums

One of the lessons I remember from the child-rearing “bible” I used when my children were little (Penelope Leach, for those who are interested) was to take the time to think before saying no to something your child wants – because the very worst thing you can do is say no, and then after your … Continue reading


18 months ago, in May 2011, I wrote a blog entitled “Hitting Back” which finished with the following paragraph: “Our government has a tendency to suggest that the Palestinians only understand violence. ‘We won’t talk under fire,’ they say. But when the Palestinians aren’t firing at us we won’t talk either. It seems that we … Continue reading

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