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Gilad Shalit – Home At Last

There are so many blogs I could write about Gilad Shalit, it’s difficult to settle on one. I could write of the tsunami of emotion that swept Israel up in tears of pain and joy as step-by-step we followed Gilad’s journey home. I could write of the dilemmas of our overpowering desire to see this … Continue reading

If they will it…

Despite the sense of the impending doom that threatens to overwhelm the Middle East, I feel the need to share a more personal reflection about my own family and our lives here in this complicated but fascinating and challenging part of the world. One of the main motivations for my decision to live in Israel … Continue reading

One in a Million

So September has arrived and with it so many blogging possibilities that I don’t know where to start. The school system, beginning another school year dedicated to Zionism and Jewish Culture. The month when the Palestinians will demand recognition in the UN. And the moment of truth for Israel’s social protest movement. As I read the … Continue reading

Coexistence Training

Today I tried out two new forms of transport in Jerusalem. One is indeed new to the city – Jerusalem’s new light railway, which opened to the public ten days ago, after years of controversy and seemingly endless delays, and any number of questions about its positive or negative effect on Jerusalem transport and commerce. … Continue reading

What do we want? Something! When do we want it? Now!

Netanyahu is clearly panicked by Israel’s tent protest. He’s also confused, and who can blame him. A couple of months ago, his popularity was through the roof and his agenda of fear ruled the country. Fear of imminent nuclear attack from Iran, fear of Palestinian insurgency in September, fear of invading hordes. Suddenly, with no … Continue reading

Degree Ceremonies, National Anthems and Belonging

Yesterday I attended my degree-award ceremony at Coventry University in the UK. Because of the close ties (both geographical and institutional) between the two bodies, all the degree ceremonies take place in the august setting of Coventry Cathedral. The original cathedral was destroyed in a German bombing raid on the city during World War II. … Continue reading

Narratives of the anti-Boycott Law

Reading the different opinion pieces about the latest Anti-Boycott Law, it strikes me that here we have a living example of the way narratives and facts interplay. Fact: the Knesset passed a law banning attempts to boycott either the State or any part thereof. But this fact is interpreted in radically different ways, each side … Continue reading

Freedom of Speech – or Taking Your Conscience Shopping

This freedom of speech thing is getting complicated. I think it’s time I posted a list of the things I’m not allowed to say above my desk.  I must remember not to mention the Naqba. I must remember not to suggest boycotting settlements – and perhaps just to make sure I don’t get into trouble, … Continue reading

Why I will be marching in favour of a Palestinian State on July 15th

A week today, on Friday July 15th, I will be joining the march in support of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence. This will put me on the fringes of Jewish-Israeli society and will not win me a popularity contest. Yet both the sense of my moral duty and my own enlightened self-interest come together to motivate me to … Continue reading

Jewish and Democratic

For a few days now I have been struggling to work out what I really want to say about the commotion surrounding the interrogation of the supporters of the supposedly Halachic work, ‘Torat HaMelech’ (‘Laws of Sovereignty’). One of the excerpts I have heard quoted (though I have not and do not intend to read the … Continue reading

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