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Narratives of the anti-Boycott Law

Reading the different opinion pieces about the latest Anti-Boycott Law, it strikes me that here we have a living example of the way narratives and facts interplay. Fact: the Knesset passed a law banning attempts to boycott either the State or any part thereof. But this fact is interpreted in radically different ways, each side … Continue reading

History or Brain-washing?

This afternoon my younger daughter has her final history exam. This is the last time she will be required to study history. Last week, she had the ‘mock’ exam. The day before, she revealed to me that they had not covered half the syllabus in class – they spent so much time studying the Holocaust that they only reached the … Continue reading

Narratives of Conflict

Listening to Netanyahu’s speech yesterday, once again I was struck by the centrality of belonging. When Bibi demands that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state, he is expressing a desire for them to recognize Jewish belonging in this land. When he asserts his conviction that the conflict is still about 1948 and not … Continue reading

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