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Gilad Shalit – Home At Last

There are so many blogs I could write about Gilad Shalit, it’s difficult to settle on one. I could write of the tsunami of emotion that swept Israel up in tears of pain and joy as step-by-step we followed Gilad’s journey home. I could write of the dilemmas of our overpowering desire to see this … Continue reading

If they will it…

Despite the sense of the impending doom that threatens to overwhelm the Middle East, I feel the need to share a more personal reflection about my own family and our lives here in this complicated but fascinating and challenging part of the world. One of the main motivations for my decision to live in Israel … Continue reading

History or Brain-washing?

This afternoon my younger daughter has her final history exam. This is the last time she will be required to study history. Last week, she had the ‘mock’ exam. The day before, she revealed to me that they had not covered half the syllabus in class – they spent so much time studying the Holocaust that they only reached the … Continue reading

Waging Peace

I am no longer able to sing the popular Israeli song composed by Mosh Ben-Ari which has become part of our liturgy at Friday night services in the Kol HaNeshama congregation in Jerusalem: “Peace will come upon us”               ” עוד יבוא שלום עלינו”  There are those who believe that achieving inner peace will help bring outer peace nearer. … Continue reading

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