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Nazareth is just an example: Integration or Separate but Equal?

The Mayor of Upper Nazareth, Shimon Gapso, apparently claims that his remarks as reported by a local Arab paper were ‘taken out of context.’ He was quoted as saying that if he’d been in charge during the October 2000 clashes, more Arab citizens would have been killed, that Upper Nazareth would never become a mixed … Continue reading

Waging Peace

I am no longer able to sing the popular Israeli song composed by Mosh Ben-Ari which has become part of our liturgy at Friday night services in the Kol HaNeshama congregation in Jerusalem: “Peace will come upon us”               ” עוד יבוא שלום עלינו”  There are those who believe that achieving inner peace will help bring outer peace nearer. … Continue reading


As some of you know, my PhD research centred on the concept of belonging. We all feel the need to belong – whether to our families, our social groups, our sports clubs, our towns or our countries. Belonging is, amongst other things, to do with place – the role that place plays in our identity. … Continue reading

A time to speak

  My first blog. Wow, it’s quite intimidating. I have decided to write a blog about the pursuit of peace in Jerusalem. Nothing too ambitious. And surely there’s enough out there in cyberspace on this theme. Why add yet another piece to the raucous babble of incessant argument? Surely there are already more commentators on … Continue reading

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