Two-state solution

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If they will it…

Despite the sense of the impending doom that threatens to overwhelm the Middle East, I feel the need to share a more personal reflection about my own family and our lives here in this complicated but fascinating and challenging part of the world. One of the main motivations for my decision to live in Israel … Continue reading

Why I will be marching in favour of a Palestinian State on July 15th

A week today, on Friday July 15th, I will be joining the march in support of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence. This will put me on the fringes of Jewish-Israeli society and will not win me a popularity contest. Yet both the sense of my moral duty and my own enlightened self-interest come together to motivate me to … Continue reading

What’s the plan?

Watching the events onIsrael’s Northern borders unfold yesterday, I was filled with trepidation. The pictures of thousands of Palestinian refugees storming the fences were a frightening foretaste of what’s to come. It has long been clear that the path of mass civil disobedience and non-violent resistance would be a much more successful route for Palestinian protest … Continue reading

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